• At first “ANC Technologies, LLC” do the research and development of communication industry which located in CA, United State. The company was dedicated of special components for networking cabling products.
  • All products were manufactured follow global standards to deliver high speed data transmissions. In 1995 the manufacture bases expanded to service in Asia Pacific regional
  • In 2009, the first office was established under “LINK FAR-EAST CORPORATION” in Taipei Taiwan. For Asia Pacific to handle for researching and developing and manufacture “LINK” refer cabling and networking products.
  • In 2010, our head office “ANC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC” was moved to NY, United State.
  • In 2016, “LINK FAR-EAST CORPORATION” was transferred handling business to

“LINK ASIA” where setting up the office in BKK, Thailand. In charge of all innovative cabling products and networking solutions in South-East Asia (ASEAN).

  • By “Interlink Communication Co, Ltd.” is an exclusive Authorized Distributor to support all distributors, dealers or users in this regional.
  • By the same time “ANC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC” was transferred handling for all supported same as “LINK FAR-EAST CORPORATION” to “ABA INDUSTRY INC” for United State, and to “JACK ELITE INDUSTRY INC” for North America.